Diamond Valley ARES® is a team member of the Northwest Riverside County ARES District. We serve the Hemet - San Jacinto cities and surrounding areas.  We are composed of amateur radio licensees who have voluntarily registered our qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes.

The mission of Diamond Valley ARES is to provide amateur radio communications resources in support of community agencies, residential communities and residents in and around the Hemet-San Jacinto city and surrounding areas in situations when:

  • Conventional communications methods are inadequate or unavailable to support public safety or humanitarian needs.

  • Amateur radio resources may help facilitate or augment emergency response or recovery in an emergency situation.

  • Amateur radio resources may help facilitate activities and services performed for the good of the general public; especially when human lives and property can be protected and human suffering can be relieved.

  • It is necessary to ensure that any community does not go without essential communication.

  • In the event of an impending or actual community wide emergency or disaster the procedures defined in the ARES®/RACES Collaborative Emergency Communications Plan for Hemet City, Hemet USD and Surrounding CERT Communities would be activated.  

Please contact our local Emergency Coordinator for more information.

Remember the Great Shake out is coming in October check back for details.